About Alan Bowers

Sound Mind in Sound Body

I am a man whose feet are  grounded in the earth, and who, on occasion, soared to the heights of my first chosen profession, that of an opera singer. I was Phillip Glass’s choice for a role in the US premiere of Gandhi, a performance that Time Magazine called the performance of a decade. I sang the leading tenor role in San Francisco Opera’s avant garde production of Elegy for Young Lovers. I sang leading roles with Virginia Opera, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Cleveland Opera,  Kansas City Opera, New Jersey Opera, and Goldovsky Opera Theatre, among some notable others.  And like all my male progenitors, going back to my great-grandfather, singing never took me too far  from the garden.

I love to plant things and watch them grow, and to figure out just what wants to grow where, when, and how. I’d say that the idée fixe of my life has been my love for all things that are pure, original, and authentic. I love original sounds and unfettered movement, and find in them keys to our innermost expression, keys to the soul.

I think that our development as artists and workers ought to follow the pattern of our development in human pre-history.  As a teacher of the Alexander technique, my gift is that I can help you retrace these steps to arrive at a version of yourself that you will immediately recognize as pure, primitive, and authentic.

You, then, what are your gifts?  You have the potential of Zen’s 10,000 pound bow, its bottom touching the earth and its top touching the clouds. In a lesson you’ll learn to claim both groundedness and uplift and the utterly delightful equilibrium between. Living there,  in the between, is no small gift. Come and see.