shutterstock_197948237Heading down to the lake, pushing, or being pulled by a wheelbarrow full of dirt and rock, I lean backwards, stiffening my spine and my neck. I note how my weight is on my heels and note too that I’m about to slide down the hill on my ass.  What to do? Well, for starters, I can free my neck. I’m no longer pulling back on the handles of the wheelbarrow, but meeting its force, my back staying back. My weight coming more fully to my whole foot now, I am more upright. It is quite counterintuitive. I have arrived at a place that I could never have planned, never have figured out. How? I freed my neck. It’s always a good starting point, the starting point of Alexander technique, and sometimes all you need.  Free your neck. And if you want caring, professional help in that, consider Alexander Technique. For the student of Alexander Technique every day is a laboratory.