Yesterday, Saturday, a student, a woman who manages an organic farm, came in for a follow-up lesson. She reported the fruitage from a previous lesson, the release of tension in her pelvis on the side of an old injury or issue, the quieting for some time of her hive mind—constant stirring in her thinking, and in her walk. I had shared in her last lesson that she walked as though on ice and she had discovered the reason. Wow.
I listened attentively and noticed in myself the urge to capitalize on our successes. I saw danger in that and gave that idea a shove. Absolutely not. I would rely more than ever on the light of Alexander Technique as I see it, the non-doing. I was more quiet in the lesson than before. I took better care of myself, and another thing came up to be addressed, her jaw. That guy—that jaw—is a subtle acccretor of tension and we began to address that, a lesson with fewer immediate results (or so I think) but with the possibility of greater results. The desire to be good is a heavy burden to carry.