shutterstock_156263483Rx, a prescription, from the Latin, recipere, take thou. Here’s my prescription for today. It’s as simple as it is transforming.

Rx. Stand with your back toward a wall, heels, say, 4-6 inches from the wall’s surface, completely independent of it, nothing touching. Imagine a head above your own, yours of course, and another atop it. From that third head, float your torso back to the wall, freeing your ankles in order to move. As your torso arrives at the wall, fully receive that support. Stay there a while making no effort to press back or conform to the wall. Free your pelvis, fill it with your awareness, and let the knees go forward, let them bend. Eventually, and with some thinking on your part, the knees may bend and your torso may stay briefly in place on the wall. Don’t support that wish with rigor. That’s what you’re loping for, not so much the bending of the knees, as the freeing of your pelvis, your hips. Those hips are an accretor of tension. Free them and let that freedom of the part speak to the whole, and the freedom of the whole speak to the part. It can be delicious. Come back to your standing position and notice what has changed. Perhaps, your breathing. Now wouldn’t that be nice.