shutterstock_337440350Want to reinvent your walk? Step back. Literally take a step backward onto the toe of one foot or the other. Remain there a bit, letting the foot opposite your moving foot soften into the floor, making sure the knee is not locked. Wait. Remain on that back toe for just a moment, letting your heel escape your head and your head escape your heel. Now from that position, begin your walk forward.  Stop. What did you notice? Free your neck and come back to ordinary standing, feet opposite one another. Wait.  Think the activity of stepping back to the toe. Wait and comply, and as before, let  the supporting foot soften into  the floor. Step back on your toe and stop.  Now, from the toe of the rearmost foot, begin to walk backwards. Yes, backwards. You might first want to make sure that space behind you is clear of children, objects, or animals. Walk a few steps. Stop. From the position where you happened to stop, regroup, and begin to walk forward.  What do you notice?  I wager you’ll notice a big difference, more stride in your step. It can be a powerful force in rejuvenating y0ur walk, making it younger, more vital. Power up your power walk. These are just a few of the ideas you might explore in an Alexander lesson.