shutterstock_160644944I used to imagine my body as a façade, a two-dimensional picture of my self that I projected forward in space. I was equally self-important as self-deluded. Now, after 10 years of earnest study of the Alexander Technique, I imagine my body as a façade, a two-dimensional picture of myself that I project forward in space. That is, unless, in rare moments, I allow myself to think otherwise. I am three-dimensional, decidedly so as years advance. I have a back and a front. I can develop a conversation between them, a con and a versa, a with and an against. I can become a walking meditation. My back stays back rather than acceding to the wishes of my front, my advancing façade. I cast off images of myself like dissolving nows in stop-motion photography. Those “I-mages” invite me back and nudge me forward, a cloud of witnesses to my progress. It is revolutionary, I swear so, a complete turn of events. Today, walk. Meditate. Occupy your self. It is so lovely, and if you’re like me, so contrary to habit. It could be the nicest thing you do for for your self today. I’ve already enjoyed my practice in Central Park. Yours might be ahead…and behind.