benefits-box-rightThink of letting your hand and arm arise, index finger pointing up, open palm toward your head, five or six inches distant, more or less. Now comply with that wish. Oops, your’e already there aren’t you? Try it again and think it first. Let your right arm, if that’s your choice, arise and open from your left hip. Think of turning your hand within itself, turning in place, index finger wishing, only wishing to point forward in front of you, base of the palm turning back. Just think it. Got it? Now imagine your hand attached to your head by slender threads, by a web, by the stickiness of air. Turn your hand again and think, head forward and up, head forward and up. Free your neck while doing so. This could be big. Please let me know if this somehow works for you, or not. And by working, I mean effecting change. Also, how could I say this better? In other words, help me edit my blog today. I know you need yet another thing on that to do list.