FullSizeRenderPerhaps you’ll recognize in me a case of arrested development, but few things please me more than being called cool by an eighteen year old, for instance, by my vey cool nephew Maclean. I love the boy. What does it mean to be cool? It is to be available but not intrusive, responsive but not interfering. It is neither rushing in nor holding back. Cool has the crucial element of classicism—economy of means—just enough and not more. Definitely not too many notes. Right, Mackey?

How do you learn this cool classism. It is to be a student of your self, to learn how to comfortably occupy your own body, to be a buoy in the sea of exigencies,  responsive to the waves but not overwhelmed by them. One place to study this cool classicism is in the Alexander Technique. Cool can be cultivated. The Alexander Technique  is the study of awareness, a means of self management, the rule of our reactions.  It is for some of us, hard won ease, cultivated cool.   When more people become aware of this, the Alexander Technique—once a go-to modality—will itself become cool. Then watch out. Everybody is going to want the new cool, the cool classicism of Alexander Technique. I’m ready. Are you?