shutterstock_180370118Where is forward and up? It’s always a moving target. One location where it seems plain to me is on an elliptical trainer. While you’re in motion, imagine, just imagine, your occiput, the base of your skill pulling down toward the shoulders. Notice how that affects the fluidity of your motion. Cease and desist. Undo that pulling down. Free the neck now and notice what that freedom does to your stride. Watch too where you’re bending forward. It is far more advantageous to bend forward at the ankles than from the mystical waist. Where is your waist today? Tough to find unless your gym clothes, like mine, are all empire cut. Notice what that slight inclination forward from the ankles does for your stride. Nice, hunh? Now, to inculcate a bit of forward and up, imagine that your head is comprised of two tectonic plates divided at the coronal plane, a front and back half. Imagine moreover that these two tectonic plates can move, one down, one up, on the imagined dowel of your atlanto-occciptal joint. Imagine the back plate moving up on that rolling dowel while the front moves down, and then vice versa, nothing more than the wish of it. Make sure the throat does not become involved. As you allow that wish to inhabit you, does your running free? Do you find your stride? Pretty sweet, no? Now, go work out. Find an elliptical trainer, put this to use, and let me know how it works, won’t you? Wish you the best in that. Morning cheer from New York City. The coffee, Beowulf blend, is terrific. The elliptical trainer awaits.