Sometimes #neckpain is pathological, a deterioration of the discs that separate the vertebrae. More often it is not, and if so, it is worthwhile to take a look at your posture, the way you hold yourself…telling turn of words. First, the torso via its connection to the #neck does not have to hold the head in place. Your neck can be free, a pleasant three dimensional column of support. Your head can be balanced on the first cervical vertebrae,  just forward and perhaps a bit lower than the ear canal. Nod, and let that movement take place just atop the spine at the first vertebra. Shake your head no, slowly please, and now from that same standpoint, both no and yes  in a circular movement.

As your head moves let your shoulders open away from the spine, just a wish, an accommodation of what they want to do in the first place. Imagine your head as that of a great cat at speed, letting away from the torso, the spine falling into its length.  (No stretching, please.) Lastly, turn your head to one side or another, eyes leading. Eyes move first, head follows, and the torso comes along for the ride, perhaps into a walk. If you want help in this, there are several options, one being a practitioner of #Alexander Technique.