shutterstock_194966315Headline: White Man Gets Down. Oh, we white guys really can get down, get jiggy with it, snap our fingers on the beat, bite our bottom lips, move to the music, contract ourselves into a little ball, and pull our heads down toward our belly button. It’s cool AND exclusive, exclusively cool in the mind of the doer. In the mind of the beholder, not so much. Not so much at all. Ouch. Somebody should have told me this.

The new cool is multi-hued, going up while getting down. It’s preserving your front length and spinal health and looking good while doing it, while dancing, moving to the music, or just sitting about. Bring your thumbs just under the sternum and atop the zyphoid process, point your thumbs toward your spine, get purchase a bit—not too much—hook them into a bit of flesh, and turn your hands in and up to take the thumbs along for the ride. Turn your hands and not your self.

Let yourself come up along your front in the direction your thumbs are taking you. Don’t arch your back please. You’re going to refresh your breath, and undo the crunching that happens when you pull down to get down. If you are pulling down, give yourself a turn, a turn of the hands, and the blessing of the breath. Everyman/Everywoman Goes Up. It will make a fine headline.