shutterstock_156263483We know a lot about our bodies, how they look, feel, smell, move, and respond. We know that they have mass, likely, too much or too little of it. The laws of physics tell us that the mass of all objects, our bodies included, exert an attraction for all other bodies, and not just that, but a mutual attraction and repulsion. As we stand and face one another, or sit at a piano, there is a dance going on, a mutual opposition, a give and take that we can begin to inculcate.

As you walk onto a stage or into the office today, sense the attraction that all other objects have for you and your body for all other objects. Build that space. Build the opposition. You’ll find your self more connected to objects and individuals of all shapes and sizes. You’ll honor the space between. You’ll stay back. And what will be accomplished? People will be drawn to you.

Try it with a child. Don’t thrust yourself into or upon the child but develop the space between and let the child come to you in the way that it wishes or not. Same with an audience. Don’t fall for the silly schlock about projecting your self. Don’t project anything. Stay back. Invite the child, invite the audience in. It will change your day and the way you perform, even if that performance is sitting with a child. They also serve who only stand and wait.