Back/back is a shorthand for Alexander Technique, a sentiment echoed in song, verse, and scripture: “I waited for the Lord,” or,  “I’d let the old Earth make a couple of  whirls,” or, “They also serve who only stand and wait,” you get the picture. Back/back; back stays back. How much better off might we all be, if on some occasions, we had waited for things to resolve, waited for an idea to form more fully, or having waited, decided to do nothing at all. Sometimes silence is indeed golden.

I had presented my case to an adjuster at a building supply store; a new material we had purchased was degrading early. “There is no way we can do this for you he stated. No way we can replace that material.” Me: Silence, prolonged silence. He: “On the other hand you paid good money for that material and you’re a good customer.” Me: Silence, prolonged silence.” He, studying me, and then: “Yes, we’re going to do this for you Mr. Bowers.” And me, “Thank you very much. We’d appreciate your help.” And so it was.

Today, midst seasonal rush, find at least one opportunity, perhaps many more, to wait. Stay back. It’s have at least a seasonal taste of Alexander Technique and the art, yes, art, of staying back. And it’s a always a surprise and a delight to watch the madding world go by without you. And no, it won’t always the results above, but that’s part of the waiting game.