shutterstock_147376055The Sweet Procedure: Raising your hands and arms openly and outwardly to shoulder level, nearly perpendicular to your torso with palms upturned, might be the perfect reaction to taking in a thing of beauty, an opera house, a cathedral, a temple, a mosque. In the absence of these, the same gesture, hands raised upward, outward, palms to the sky, excites the same neural centers as the external object, the thing of great beauty.

Try it. Stand with your hands relaxed at your side. Free your wrists, elbows, and shoulders to let your hands lead your arms outwardly and openly to shoulder level. Think of space beneath your armpit. Let the palms arrive at shoulder level upturned. How does that feel? Has your breathing changed?

Try it again, only this time, breathe in, inspire, as your arms arise. Let the gesture be a mirror of your in breath, inspiration reflected in inspiration, faster or slower, it doesn’t matter. Let your arms remain at shoulder level for as long as you wish, breathing in and out. Try speaking or singing with the arms and hands elevated. What do you notice?

What wouldn’t you pay for a moment’s inspiration when you needed one. Try this activity. Sprinkle it throughout your day. It’s safe, easy, and cost free. Share it with your friends, teach it to your students, and if you wish, subscribe to these daily hints at