shutterstock_229042417Yes, it’s all relative. Scientists since and including Einstein are telling us that to observe a phenomenon is to alter that phenomenon. It’s the foundation of relativity. The passage of time is altered by our speed as we approach the speed of light. One thing absent from our observation might be the mechanics of our marvelously constructed bodies. You can change that and in so doing change your self.  Observe your breathing,  Observe your walk.  Observe your phonation. Hear yourself. Hear others.  Today, in short, pay attention.  Observe and allow for change. Cherish it. Above all, honor the workings of your body, its pulse, its tempo, its music. You just might slow the tune and the way you sing it. You might even add a few days to your life just be paying consistent attention. Wouldn’t that be sweet. Image: Shutterstock/agsandrew.