shutterstock_62101252Your feet are telling you a story. Today, if you please, listen up. Those pedal extremities sit on tripods, the heel, and the prominences behind the big toe and little toe. They might more evenly distribute your weight to the ground. If you find yourself more or less on your toes, for instance, it maybe because they’re gripping to ground to keep you upright. If so, you may find that your hips are quite forward of the rest of your torso, doing the job that your back might otherwise be doing. You don’t need to do anything about that right now. Compensation redistributes tension into more subtle and egregious patterns. Let’s get jiggy wit it.

Stand up and imagine a cord with a small weight emerging from the central tendon of the perineum and going to ground, emerging from that place that one lady of my acquaintance calls the “tween.” Now, oscillate circularly at the ankles and set that imaginary weight in motion, inscribing small circles beneath you on the floor. Your knees will come along for the ride to accommodate the oscillation at the ankles. Very gently please. If anything hurts, stop. Gradually increase the circumference of the circle  so that it is not so much greater than width between your two feet. Slow it down. Speed it up. Stop. Stand again. Has your weight begun to redistribute itself? Has your back come back? This is just one possibility. There are others.

Let’s oscillate. Remain standing and again inscribe those imaginary circles on the floor, not too big. Now let the hips participate. You’re oscillating at your ankles and hips and knees. It may feel sexy. Go with that but perhaps not all the way depending on your location. Stop after a bit and again check to see if your weight is redistributing itself on the floor. If it has, that may be good. If it has not, that’s alright too. For today, content yourself with being an observer of your body, of the distribution of the weight on your feet. Your feet will thank you. Have a fantastic week. Me, I’m off to Tallahassee with my dog Herschel in my truck. Susan to follow. Life is an adventure, a grand oscillation. As always, commenting on my blog is having your part in the conversation. Find me at I’ll be blogging from Tallahassee. They have internet. I think.