benefits-box-leftThe Alexander Technique at your desk.  Oh, aren’t we sucked in toward the computer screen and toward any of those tasks in front of us? Take a minute, borrow it from your work and reinvest it later. Place one hand flat on the desk in front of you,  or on you leg if you’d rather, the  other can do what it wants, conduct Tchaikovsky if there’s nobody around. Let the fingers melt away from your palm, let the whole hand receive the comfort, the support of the desk. Send the hand away from your torso without any friction on the skin in contact with the desk and without any sliding about. It’s a thought-full thing. Send your hand subtly away and notice the changes in your back and in the space between you and your work. Appreciate, cultivate, the space between you and your task. Let the space between send you back. It’s going to reorient you, establish you, and maybe even change your breathing. And all this for the loss of one minute’s work and the gain of an hour’s refreshment. Change a minute, change your day, that’s the benefit of the Alexander Technique