10805662_10205587950677453_2904878854521825024_nThis little hen and rooster really have it going on. “It,” you say, just what is this “it?” Well, since you ask, “it” is a life force, an innate animal alertness, forward and up, an endowment. Don’t you see it? It’s not forward and up in space, it’s forward and up within itself, an innate systemic animus. Withdraw that animus from any part of the birds—from their formidable breasts, for instance—and you begin a systemic cascade that will cost the poor birds their lives. They will be unable to prosper in the competition of natural selection.

Withdraw that animus from me or you and the costs are mediated by our external support systems, and by our higher place in the food chain. But let’s be clear, slumping, giving up our stature, takes its toll, in workdays lost to back pain, in compression of our internal organs, and in a faulty concept of our selves.

Today, recall the noble Mildred and Sven, the fine birds above. Okay, I made those names up, but still, today— everyday—nurture your innate animal alertness. Think up along the front of your spine—it’s far more central to your torso than you think—and down the back of the spine, up along the front and down the back in reiterated pulses, a recycling fountain of up. Let your heel know the ground beneath you and your head the clouds above and the horizon, forward and up within itself, systemic. Be a curator of the space between heel and head. And, like Mildred and Sven, free your lovely throats. And if this works for you today, or any day, please comment on my blog at alanbowers.com We’re a growing community. Thanks to Thesa Loving for the photo of her survivors.