benefits-box-leftThe nails of my fingers haven’t much sensation, but immediately beneath the nails, the quick, there’s sensation to spare as anybody who’s injured a finger or toenail will attest. I am thinking about this word “quick” of late. In German erquicken means to refresh. The maker shall come, according to King James scripture, to judge between the quick, those alive, and the dead. Notwithstanding that eventuality,  I want to be quickened, refreshed, alive, sentient throughout.  Don’t you?

If there is a place in my body of which I’m relatively unaware, I want to quicken it. I want to bless it with my awareness. Now, I’ve studied and taught Alesxander Technique how long? Well over a decade. And if you take a close look at me, you’ll notice that I still cant my head to my right shoulder.  I’m aware of that. But what I have not been aware of, is that my pulling down begins on the right side of my pelvis. There is little or no sensation there, but I can feel that’s where the pulling down begins. I have begun to quicken that area, to fill it with my thinking, my energy. In the words of a beloved mentor, Yehuda Kuperman, I’m “boiling” it, enlivening my pelvis. Sounds a bit kinky.

Do a bit of an inventory, toes, ankles, knees, hips, wrist, neck. Where is that dullness, that lack of awareness for you? Oh, it’s there. Quicken it, Judge between the quick and the dead and bless that dead area with your thinking.

My right pelvis, forget about it, still dead as a doornail, but I’m working on it. I am beginning to quicken that area and my neck may be beginning to talk with my hip, letting go of their unwholesome connection. Next time you see me, I may be leaning left, but don’t count on it.