shutterstock_160644944In this short time prior to my departure relationships have become intensified. I met an artist on the subway platform…we were admiring a saxophonist. We’ve met three times since just to talk…at length…imagine that. He’s a linguist, a scribe, calligrapher, an artist. He gave me his art; I gave him an Alexander table turn. He called me a healer, and so in some way is every member of my profession, and every teacher of singing, and so are we all insomuch as we allow ourselves to touch and be touched in some way. There are more, three lovely men, all happen to be Jewish, all men who love words, Torah, learning. I’ll tell you about the other two, AJ and Phil, pretty soon. Three men who entered my life in these latest months and whom I’ll never forget. Oh God, the world is so full of blessing. Goodbye New York. I’ll miss you.