shutterstock_135200273Today, when you enter a classroom, walk into the office, enter a stage, or cross a room, walk as though surrounded by a “cloud of witnesses”, the good will, the blessings of all those whom we have loved and who have loved us. Too mystical, spiritual, or metaphysical for you this morning? Really? We can imagine a cloud—sowmehwere—containing all the data of the known universe, but not the presence of a cloud of consciousness? I’m not believing that for a moment.

Let the cloud support you and cancel your nervousness. Breathe it in. Imagine it all about, cuddling you, urging you on. Lean into it omnidirectionally. Imagine countless hands of support behind you, nudging you on. Move with that gravitas, with the presence of your peeps. They’ve got your back. If you can imagine it, you can cultivate it, and if you can cultivate it, you can experience it. When you walk you’re not just moving forward, you’re walking as the head of a stream of dissolving nows. Feel that stream behind you, a cloud of witnesses. People are going to notice.