“Over there, limmed Tomas Tranströmer, the sky is leaning against a wall. It is like a prayer to what is empty.” The air, the sky, if you will, is leaning on us all around, buoying us up. If we were as sensitive as some practitioners of yoga, we could feel the support of the sky all, from above, from beneath, from around, between our legs, all about. Here is another answer to the fatigue of “museum walk” recently brought to our attention by colleague and friend Mark Josefsberg.

I always feel beaten up when leaving a museum. Mark has some great answers. The cultivated support of the sky around us can be a part of that answer too. Yesterday, I imagined that support to be that of many hands all around, buoying me up without my having to stretch up. It felt positively regal. So, in a museum, be as regal a visitant as the works you’re viewing, celebrating the sky.