shutterstock_96227504When I was a kid I thought I must be adopted. It would have explained so much. I was much taller than my parents, taller than my older brother who would become the United States Marine. I towered over them by my head and shoulders and it felt wierd. Part of being tall for me was feeling gangly, disconnected, all limbs and not much body. That feeling lessened somewhat as I grew older but never went away until…. One day a student of mine asked me to share her Alexander lesson. I’d heard about  Alexander Technique before, so I was interested and said yes. I can’t say I remember too much about it. There was lunge, there was table work, there was sitting and standing, and quite possibly more that I don’t remember. I left the lesson not too impressed until, that is, my feet landed on the street, on South Broadway in New York City. I started to walk, and oh my. I was connected to the ground in way that I had never dreamed of. I felt like a little tractor chugging along, delighted, agog, no longer tall as I had previously experienced it. It was a seminal moment, the seed of something that has continued to this day. Now, you don’t have to feel like this after your first lesson.  You may not even want to feel like a tractor. You may feel quite differently, taller, lighter, more buoyant, or,  you might not experience change at all. But if change is what you claim to be invested in, you might start your search in a place where many thousands before you have experienced it, namely, a lesson in the Alexander Technique. You may find, as I did, a new way of experiencing you good self, and with that, the best investment you’re ever going to make:  An investment in your self.