alan-treeAlexander Technique: Faithful over a few things and ruler over many. If I can’t think of many things over which I’m ruler, perhaps it’s because I’ve been faithful over too few. Actually, I can think of only one thing over which I can at least fancy myself a ruler, but it is a very big one. I am a ruler, a cultivator of the space between me and all the entities of my environment and you can be as well. To do so is to allow you and the other, the other object, the other person, to become the footings of a span that both separates and links you, establishes you in your environment, makes you a part of it.  In the practice of business it is the sine qua non, the essential thing around which all other things revolve.

I enter a businessman’s office and state a request. He is distracted and immediately answers; “There is no way we can do this for you.” I wait. I stay back. I entertain the directions of Alexander Technique. I let my neck be free so that my back can lengthen and widen. I keep quiet. In a few moments he speaks again and I hear him say, “On the other hand….” and he allows that I have paid good money for a product that has failed. Again, I stay back. I do NOT lean in. Finally I hear the words that end our conversation. He says: “I think we can do this for you.” I thank him and I leave.

Honoring the space between honors you and honors the other. Cultivate it and you come very near the practice of Alexander Technique. Cultivate it and you create an atmosphere where everyone has permission to change his or her mind. Cultivate it and you change your world. Today, honor the space between.