how-smallTen years, ten thousand hours, the norm for developing expertise in playing the piano or perfecting your serve. Now some say that’s too stringent. Perhaps so. But by comparison, how little thought we give to developing expertise in the multitudinous, multi-faceted ways in which we call on our selves, call on our bodies, every day. Pushing a shopping cart is not so much less demanding than perfecting a serve, if we choose to do it well, beautifully and without compromising our selves. By and large we use the blessing of embodied mind and minded body sparingly, or not at all. Enter the Alexander Technique: Whatever you do is worth doing well. Whatever you do is worth some exploration, worth every drop of your creativity, whether in front of a crowd at Wimbledon or the ice cream freezer at Aldi. When you’re not choosing, you’re losing. Choose mindfulness every time and make mine vanilla.