shutterstock_160644944Let’s face it, you live in the city, maybe even in the country, and you’re always getting banged about, brushed, bashed, and intruded upon. There is hardly a place where you can go to be left alone in the midst of the Earth. Now, all of these intrusions elicit an instinctive response. They draw us into our selves, armor us against potential injury. It’s insult upon insult. We all want, no, we need non-intrusive, non-invasive, non-judgmental touch that teaches us how to counter the compounded insults of our daily lives. What if there were a quiet place and a quiet person to whom you could go to get this, a place and a person dedicated to re-learning the instincts of expansion, of breathing, of letting go. There are such places, such persons, many of them, devoted to this very thing, likely one near you: The Alexander Technique. Let yourself go.