IMG_0228To gain competence in playing a musical instrument or a sport is a great goal, but it’s going to take some time, 10 years, 10,000 hours are the operative numbers, although they are being challenged on the lower end. It might take less. I would hope so. Bottom line though, if you’re going to perfect your serve, play that Scrabin, or run a great race, it’s going to take some time, some talent, and a ton of application.

There is another way to virtuosity—quicker, surer, and more broadly applicable—the equally important but no less challenging domain of how you play your self, your jointedness, your minded body, your embodied mind. Learning to cultivate mechanical advantage in everything you do, sitting,  standing, walking, and playing, is the pebble tossed into a pool. Its ripples touch every shore of your experience. Mastery of the piano, the tennis serve, the record breaking pace, they’re not for everyone, but mastery of the self is virtuosity for the common man, the sign painter, the author, the office worker, the mower of the lawn, and you know where to find it, don’t you?  Alexander Technique. Virtuosity for Everyman, Everywoman.