alan-treeActors and singers are fond of saying “my body is my instrument.” And it’s true. The state of their health plays upon them as surely as the play. The way they use their bodies is crucial to their performance. Yet, no more so, my friend, than to you, the word processor, the artist, the floor scrubber, the rock mason. The way you use yourself is equally telling as that of the actor, not to such a large audience, perhaps, but to an equally important one, you, your family, and your colleagues. “Physician heal thyself,” translates today, into worker, artist, craftsman, player, tune the instrument of your self. Make your very sitting a symphony. Acknowledge the intricate interplay that’s going on within you right now. That, my friend, if you’re still with me, is the realm of the Alexander Technique, and why every individual can benefit from this releatively unheralded work. A lesson in Alexander Technique, you owe it to your self.