shutterstock_170707202Back to the future. Really? Take a look at Junior over there, slumped, no, something  beyond slumped, concaved, we might say,  caving in to his once and future C shape around his iPhone, his tablet, his games. You’re looking at his future, and likely yours as well if you’re so inclined. You’re looking at a multi-billion dollar burden on society as we deal with Junior’s nascent issues, his trajectory toward debilitating, perhaps crippling back pain. Postural education can change that, change that young man’s future and ours. Back pain will affect 95% of us this year, and a majority of those back issues will arise from poor posture. What are we going to do about that, as a society and as individuals? I recommend chaos, mock warfare, disruption. Make every half hour on Junior’s iPhone an earned one. Thirty minutes in walking, running, in play, in dance, in study of Tai Chi, the martial arts, or even more ruinous to Junior’s day, conversation with a parent, equals thirty minutes before the TV or on the phone. And you, dear reader, assuming you’re not the aforementioned Junior, what can you do? You can become curator of your own use, of your posture. When you’re at the computer, your iPhone, stay back, let your back lengthen and widen.  Remember that your freeing, smiling neck belongs to your widening, smiling, torso. Embrace the doubly sprung structural support of your spine,  but by all means do something. Rage, rage, against the coming of your future concavity. Come back, back to your future. Image: Gang Liu, model permission on file.