home-collage-4I love the creation story where spirit, breath, moves upon the face of the waters.  What happens when your breath moves upon the face, the surface of, say, your coffee cup. Waves. What if all of creation were waves? That’s what some physicists are telling us today. Matter is vibration, the resonance of super-strings, more musical than we’ve dared to admit. I believe that the healers of the future will be those who deal in resonance, in touch, in music, and in movement, and I think that the Alexander Technique will be a part of that.

Want to be part of that right now? Catch the wave. Breathe. Notice that you are breathing in, being filled. Notice that you are breathing out, being emptied. Let the breath play upon you. Whisper the neutral vowel, schwa, the sound of the “a” in aplomb and the “o” in harmony. Let that sound play you. Let it well up from the central tendon of the perineum, the point where the pelvic and anal triangles meet. Let it speak of the earth beneath you. Let it resonate in the wholeness of your body, in your feet and legs. Now, if you’re ready, let the vocal folds flap in the breeze. Let the schwa be voiced. This is your primal sound meaning first, original, but never violent or rough. Nourish it. Recall it. It’s a place to which you can return at any time when you seem to have lost your way. It is the genetic material of every sound. Claim it and you claim your vocal identity, your center, the source of your vocal health, the earth.  It can accomplish wonders. Let me show you how.