IMG_1364Gravitas, gravity acting through us. We know it when we see it and we all desire it. We want our speech, our gesture, our actions to have import, substance, all that which stands beneath and underlies us. Tension in our joints causes gravity to act differently on each member, pulls us apart. We feel disjointed. If we could rid ourselves of these fixations, we would, but every remedial action is more than taken up by compensatory tension elsewhere. We need a way to work from the whole to the part and the part to the whole. One important and time-tested way is the Alexander Technique. Working with a teacher, you’ll learn how to voluntarily activate a master reflex that ripples through your body and reconnects you to the earth. You’ll feel renewed and it will just keep getting better. Come have a lesson and see how compassionate, skilled touch can change your life. It can establish your position, right your posture, give you gravitas. The world is going to notice and your back is going to love you for it.