IMG_1364Your way of life, your livelihood, and your lifestyle, depend upon your spinal health, central in every respect to your greater health. And so, dear reader, does mine. Our backs support us in every possible meaning of the word. As a new calendar year approaches, it might be a good thing to take stock of your spinal health, to engage in proactive preventive care. One way to nurture your spinal health is to have some lessons in Alexander Technique. You’ll get that marvelously double-sprung conduit of the mind moving again. You’ll find recreation — re-creation — in moving, sitting, standing, spiraling, walking, running, handling the tools of your profession whatever they happen to be, shovel, stove, or violin. You’ll find that maintaining your spinal elasticity — appreciating the space between those vertebral joints — will keep you moving and productive longer than you may have thought possible. So yes, get yourself to a teacher of the Alexander Technique, and remember, 2014 is the International Year of the Spine. Okay, I made that up, but then, why not?