Objectification casts people in roles of our old dramas. It makes of individuals a stereotype from which liberation is difficult or impossible. The lesson of minded body and embodied mind is that our mental holds have physical concomitants, manifestations. How? Where? Robert Rickover has written beautifully about some stiff-necked folks who people the Bible, rigid, unyielding, imperious. If we carry our holds anywhere, the first place we might want to look for them is in the neck. It’s Biblical. The Bible also assures us that we are “mighty through God to the pulling down of (those) strong holds.” Free the neck can mean let people find new places in your thinking or let them go entirely. For some of us it may be the equivalent of allowing love to take the place of hate in our hearts. So, let those people go along with their concomitant holds upon you. Relearn love. Free the neck. Three very large words, profound ones, the song of the Alexander Technique.