alan-treeToday we don’t have a grip on the nature of matter, of the universe. String theory, holding that matter is the resonance of super-strings, is being attacked. But I’m with the string theory folks. Men and women dreamed the DNA molecule, the double helix, drew it, before it was observed. They decided it was too beautiful not to exist. So it is with the resonance of the universe, the music of the spheres. It is too beautiful not to be true. And as we come to that understanding, it is going to change things, change us. It will bring in an era when touch is the go to modality of healing. It might not be the Alexander Technique, but it is going to look like it. And I might not be around to see it, but feeling it right now, this morning, is enough for me. The spirit, the breath of God, moved upon the face of the waters, and there were waves.  In he words of Pogo, who is not often mentioned in the same breath as God, we have met them and they are us.