IMG_0228Everything I’ve learned about the Alexander Technique, I’ve learned at the piano. I’ve had some good teachers, even great ones, but, not too surprisingly none of them could “learn” me, they could only teach me. It’s at the the piano that I’ve learned that there’s music in the wrists, ballet in the fingers, buoyancy in the arms, and strength in the back. When I bring that to the piano, the piano knows. And it’s the piano that has taught me to bring that to the student. A student, though, is more forgiving than the piano, and therefore, less adept as a teacher. But then, that’s not their job is it? Students, teachers, leave your comfort zone. Get off your ass and get on your axe, your piano, your vibraphone, your clarinet, your tennis, squash, or badminton racket, and start playing. Maybe you’ve learned enough Alexander Technique for today. Learn you some humility. Get foolish in order to get wise. That’s what four months on the first Bach invention has taught me, schooled me, and maybe even learned me. I am ever so grateful.