shutterstock_172572653Terra Incognita, Unkown Land, was, on ancient maps, the label on the vast interior of unexplored lands. You may have some terra incognita of your own. Like explorers of old, you think outward, forward, and onward. Westward ho! Your focus is out there and anything but concentric. Like the unthinking explorer you ignore vast and hidden riches as you lurch onward.

Think for a moment of your self as the center of your environment. Know, intuit, feel as much of what’s around and behind as your eyes tell you of what’s in front. Occupy your self. Let your front know your back and your back your front. Nourish the correspondence. Live in the in between. Think concentrically and around from within.  Note what happens. Note how you expand, how you breathe. Remember that the core of your torso is your spine. Fill it up and down, down and up, back and front, front and back. Celebrate where and what you are, the gift of gravitas. What a treat on a glorious Veteran’s Day.