IMG_0228The Alexander Technique is going to make you a better piano player, a better runner, a better singer, a better actor. It just might. But to the athlete of the keyboard, the track, the voice, or the stage, the Alexander Technique can be something more. What some have found is that the Alexander Technique and its directions “let the neck be free, in order for the head to go forward and up, in order for the back to lengthen and widen” are the Golden Mean to which every aspect of  movement and habit can be compared, every initiation of movement, every continuation, every completion, and every closure. It is arduous work and continuous.  The Alexander Technique is an applied science. If you want to gain something from its science, you’re going to want to engage with it. My head is going forward and up. That’s important. Still letting your head go forward and up as you reach the end of a Chopin Ballade, or the end of your day in front of the computer, or the stretch of your race, now that you might really get excited about. Me too.