shutterstock_79793644There’s a relationship between your head and your heel. It’s Biblical. The first book of the Pentateuch represents a serpent’s bruising of the head and heel. I suppose that depends on where you run and whom you run with. It’s mythical. Achilles’ heel was the only vulnerable spot on his body. It’s medical. In Chinese medicine, the heel and the head mark the ends of more than one crucial meridian. It’s practical. Students of Alexander Technique, anybody really, can develop a sense of opposition, a conversation — a con, with, and a versa, against — between the heel and the head that can help monitor the mechanical efficiency of their walking, their running, and even their conversation. The neck frees to undo its unlawful ownership of the head; the arch of the foot and the ankle free to undo their unlawful ownership of the heel. You can inculcate that right now. Like every freedom, it can be delicious.