The Benefits

Your torso wants to colonize your limbs, to pull them in and hold them close. To allow that without dissent is to live centripetally, in a destructive form of self-containment, a false security. You can choose to live more centrifugally, the limbs and head freed from the torso’s dominion. Your limbs will be more expressive, more precise in their movements. They can be free. And what of it? Centripetal living hastens the decline associated with aging, our inward pulling made permanent. What can we do about it? We can actively dissent. You can learn to free your extremities, your neck and your limbs. The Alexander Technique is an efficacious start. You’ll feel better immediately and see changes in your self. Your freely articulated limbs—semaphores of your freedom—may amaze you. You owe it to your self.