IMG_2145Hey boys and girls. Build a metaphor. BAM! Involve the kids. Here’s the raw material:

In a recent organic gardening class, the teacher was asked what one does if a garden is wanted and all there is lawn. Answer: Buy a pick, she says, a big ole collins axe and get to work. That is what I’ve been doing in the last few days, working a previously grassy area with a pick, removing the grass, planting it elsewhere. I hit clay, hard compacted clay, a barrier a few inches down and the pick won’t get through it. I stop and add compost to the soil above, work it in and let it set. Coming back to it the next day, the clay having been exposed to oxygen, to moisture, to microbes, especially to microbes, my pick goes through it, and I start removing the compacted, anaerobic clay, an impossible growing medium. I pull it up and it sucks in air. You can hear it. Coming back still later, even later in the day, same thing, the pick cuts still deeper, and in places, it’s starting to be a garden. You may know where I’d go with this, something along the lines of Alexander Technique, you can be sure. What about you. Build your own metaphor. BAM!