shutterstock_288108077My wife Susan and I, like so many of you, have or had a beloved cat. Ours was a certain Casey. When Casey came to the end of her life—all her systems were shutting down—I held her in my arms as a Vet administered a life-ending drug. At the moment of her passing, her life force passed through me. It was palpable, forgiving,  and very real. And it went up. It was only a moment, one that I will never forget. It was exalting, filling, and again, it went up.

Why do I mention that?  It was not unlike those moments of uplift within one’s self that I, or we, experience under the hands of a teacher of Alexander Technique. It was not unlike a breath, an inspiration, a letting up rather than a moving up.  Up is an endowment, a blessing, a supple-cation. It comes in moments that are impossible to keep, to hold on to, nor would one wish that. Inspiration held renders us incapable of being inspired.  The Alexander Technique is going to help you cultivate an inclination toward up, a deepening, yes deepening, sense of your uplifting and uplifted self. Giddy-up. Image: pkproject/Shutterstock