Love does change everything, but this post isn’t necessarily about love. It’s about waiting, of which it is said, that “they also serve who only stand and wait.” Waiting, serving, loving, are kissing cousins of the same family. But wait.

As a kid, I was in a minor car accident (yes, there were cars, an Oldsmobile as I recall). My leg was broken and I remember for lack of an ambulance my big brother carrying me piggy-back to the doctor where I was soon installed in a hospital.

My father, Ernest—really—couldn’t stop talking about the timing of the accident, to wit, that had we lingered a bit over our malted milks, left the filling station sooner, taken more time combing our hair, that the accident in that form, in that time, would not have happened. True, perhaps, but since I’m no philosopher, I’ll leave that to others.

Today, when physics suggests predetermination more loudly than religion, it may be that our only ability to change is to wait, and to mindfully choose after having waited.

To wait, to pray, to meditate, to take a mindful breath, alters our day, changes its outcome. Wait, I say, on the Lord, says the scripture, or if you’d rather, upon yourself. Wait, Breathe. Feel, Try the spirits, if you won’t mind another scriptural reference. Test your thinking by your thought’s companions and wait. Wait and let the cards of your day’s future reshuffle themselves a bit. It’s such small thing but it’s outcome is potentially momentous. Waiting might be your greatest human right.