Careful, your posture is showing. During WW II, an incredibly brave journalist infiltrates a Nazi concentration camp. Standing in line on the day of his arrival, a Nazi soldier shoves the blunt end of an iron rod into the journalist’s jaw, permanently maiming him. Why? Louis Zamperini, the subject of the book and film, Unbroken, quite similarly tells of being singled out for unspeakable cruelty by a demented Japanese captor. Why? Both men were unbowed in atmospheres designed to break them and spit them out, alive or dead. Your posture, like theirs, is telling a story, one of dominion or collapse, or any of the gradations between. Make that story one of your own choosing. Engage with Alexander Technique. Study it. Imbibe it. In a society more open than those war-torn societies described above, people will be drawn to you in a positive way rather than negatively. You’ll see and be seen differently. One lesson will make a difference; twenty will change your life.