shutterstock_140404582Alexander Technique and Quality of Life: Decline and fall. For some of us perhaps many, that downward trajectory will pattern our last days. Not pleasant to think about, far worse to experience. If the Alexander Technique were taught as an essential part of adult education, in nursing homes, in rehabilitation centers, it would, I state categorically, postpone that decline, and the precipitous fall that announces the end for so many. To keep a man or woman going up, raging against the coming of the night, would do so much for aging individuals, for humanity. How tragically the Alexander Technique is undersold. Look better, feel better, balderdash. The Alexander Technique helps preserve quality of life. It is a quality of life. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Dylan Thomas Now, who should we be telling about this? Our insurance companies, our health centers, our octogenarians, our nonagenarians, our centenarians. Why not?