benefits-box-leftYou’re a seer, and if not, you can become one. I used to delight when viewing a painting to let one element of a work catch my eye, and then hold up my thumb at arm’s length to block that element, a small splash of color in a Monet. I’d watch the whole painting disintegrate. In art and in all things of beauty, every part is essential to the whole. Everything stands in relation to everything else.

You are a seer. You can look with new eyes at your students, your friends, your clients, or your loved ones and discern how they’re put together, discern the wonder with which they’re made. You can also discern where energy stops, discern where they’re blocked. And what of it? Well, you can open your hand and touch them in those places.

With many you may ask before reaching out. But do connect. Let your hand rest on them, let it melt on, free it and watch those blockages melt, not all of them perhaps, and some not all at once, but enough to really count. Some day touch will be the primary form of healing as it once was. We can take a step in that direction today. Insight. Touch. Two more things to be grateful for, post Thanksgiving. Joy filled day to all. Please comment on my blog at if your want to share that.